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Bello Espresso Machine

Made for those inspired by tradition, the Diletta Bello seeks to bring the best of professional espresso machine design to your kitchen.

We started with an all-Italian E61 group, heat exchanger concept that offers improved shot quality and barista-approved brewing and steaming—sized just-right for the home. From there we focused on providing some of the best components at this pricepoint: stainless steel body panels, frame, and boiler; optional hard-wearing powdercoat finishes; and a clean and simple style that works in any kitchen. The Diletta Bello makes crafting your favorite coffee a joy every morning.

Mio Espresso Machine

Our choice for a compact, energy-efficient espresso machine that doesn’t take formal barista training to manage, the Diletta Mio aims to bridge the gap between popular espresso appliances and traditional espresso machine designs.

Italian-built and designed from the inside out, the Mio focuses on espresso quality first with an insulated brew boiler/group combo that offers excellent in-cup temperature stability. Steam is managed on a separate circuit for selectable efficiency that doesn’t interfere with shot quality. With cup quality as our guide, internal design choices prioritize energy efficiency and ease-of-access for best-in-class serviceability. The result? A forward-facing machine that will help you make excellent espresso for years to come.

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