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Warranty and Support

Diletta Machines carry a two-year parts warranty on manufacturing defects. This excludes wear items including but not limited to gaskets, o-rings, and other moving parts. 


Warranty support also does not cover damage incurred due to accidental damage, use in a commercial environment, poor water quality, misuse, modifications, or unauthorized 3rd party service.

Warranty service is supported by Seattle Coffee Gear.

I’m having an issue with my machine, who do I contact for support?


For support, troubleshooting, or repair enquiries, please reach out to

Use and Care

What regular cleaning and maintenance is required for my Diletta Machine?

Case: Wipe down between uses with a soft, clean microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasives and/or chemical detergents, as these may scratch or damage your machine’s finish.


Water Reservoir: Soap out and rinse with clean, filtered water regularly.


Portafilter + Group: Consult your machine’s user manual for dedicated backflushing and portafilter cleaning routines.


Boiler(s): We do not recommend home descaling for Diletta espresso machines. Instead, make sure to use fresh, filtered water.


How do I descale my machine?

We do not recommend home descaling for Diletta espresso machines—doing so may void your warranty. Make sure to use fresh, filtered water to limit scale buildup in your machine.


Where are your machines available?

Diletta Espresso machines are currently only available for sale in the United States by Seattle Coffee Gear

I’m interested in Diletta content/marketing/media contacts.


Great! For media inquiries please contact us at


Where are Diletta Machines Made?


The Diletta Bello +, Bello, and Mio espresso machines are built by hand in Milan, Italy.


Do Diletta machines contain BPA?


All Diletta espresso machines are BPA-free. 


Can I use your machine in a commercial environment?


While local ordinances differ, Diletta Espresso machines do not carry NSF (or equivalent) commercial certifications and are not recommended for commercial use.

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