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Diletta Mio

Quality-first Compact Espresso Machine
  • PID Brew Boiler with a Steam Thermoblock

  • Compact Case Design

  • Optimized for Energy Efficiency


Espresso Quality

  • PID-controlled brew temperatures offer accurate heat management and precise to-the-degree control.

  • The Mio features a compact brew boiler and relatively large heating element for quick intrashot recovery.

  • A short water path from boiler to portafilter ensures minimal heat loss.

  • Industry-standard 58mm group components and portafilter make basket prep and extra accessories easy to manage.

  • The PID screen doubles as a shot timer for consistent in-cup results.

  • Manual push-button controls encourage extra attention to your in-cup quality.


Energy efficient

  • A sized-just-right brew boiler offers enough heatsink for stability without requiring excess energy to keep at brewing temperatures.

  • The boiler is built directly into the group to reduce heat loss along the water path.

  • An insulating boiler wrap improves temperature stability with less heat loss to the air.

  • Precise PID temperature management brings even more consistency and saves power compared to basic thermostats.

  • The steam circuit is run on a selectable, isolated circuit. That means no energy is wasted on steam pressure unless it's needed.

  • We chose a thermoblock steam design for a lower static energy cost than a dedicated service boiler.

  • An optional energy saver mode (set in 10 minute increments up to 2 hours) makes it easy to set your machine’s uptime just for your home espresso needs.


  • Low energy costs and energy saving modes help lower the machine’s electrical footprint. 

  • A stainless case and frame will withstand years of use.

  • Separate brew and steam circuits ensure modular, easy repair.

  • Internal access to wear components like pumps and water lines is streamlined for service.


Manufacturer: Diletta Espresso
Width: 10.75 Inches

Depth: 17 Inches with Portafilter
Height: 15 Inches
Weight: 35 Pounds

Watts: 1600W
Volts: 120V
Programmability: PID
Energy Saving Mode: Yes
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Boiler Material: Brass

Cup Clearance: 3 inches

Boiler Volume: 400 mL
Reservoir Size: 2 L
Solenoid: Yes
Cup Warmer: Yes
Portafilter Size: 58mm
Warm Up Time: 7 minutes
NSF-Rated: No
Preinfusion: No

No-Burn Steam Wand: Yes

Other Features

  • Brew Pressure Gauge

  • Adjustable power saving mode

  • External adjustable expansion valve/opv

  • Backflushable/descaleable

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