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The cafe experience at home

Diletta offers a premium home espresso experience to coffee drinkers across the country with prosumer espresso machines that fit your budget and your kitchen. 


Italcheck Certified: produced in Italy, with Italian components


Built in Italy

Diletta espresso machines are rooted in a foundation of experience, quality, and of course, a long-time love for bringing exceptional coffee to everyone. Designed with an eye towards the rich tradition of Italian cafe culture, our machines are built to an exacting standard of reliability and performance. Developed as a partnership between Seattle Coffee Gear and a prestigious Italian machine developer, Diletta espresso machines are also accessible whether you’re a first time user or an enthusiast. We invite you to explore everything Diletta has to offer.


Our Machines

Diletta machines are meticulously built for home espresso enthusiasts, new and old. Whether you’re seeking classic Italian design or a more modern machine, Diletta machines offer performance and precision along with striking looks. Espresso traditionalists will love our attention to classic details and high-quality components, and those new to the world of coffee can start with products built with sustainability and efficiency in mind.

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